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All good things here!


Minsan kailangan mong dumistansya at iwasang magparamdam para makita mo kung sino yung hahanapin ka at kung sino yung hahayaan ka.

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"Ramdam ko na ang Prelim"(via littleannjustforhim)

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Ready to be a young journalist in 3.2.1.

I passed 3 straight screening in our school paper, whose name is "The Pillar". I am really shocked or more likely in disbelief, that’s the right term. Anyway, going back, I am really in disbelief when I saw my name posted in a clean sheet of paper saying that, "Congratulations to the fellow pillaricans who passed the screening. You are now officially a part of the school’s journey in means of writing and aspiring others with words of wisdom." OH MY GOSH, IS THIS REALLY REAL OR AM I JUST DREAMING? WAKE ME UP, IF THIS IS JUST A DREAM. So, I pinched myself then I eventually told myself that I’m really facing reality then I ended up, running fast approaching to my classroom then I caught myself hysterically shouts, jumps and dances or shakes my whole body. I am really shocked!! Shocked as in the whole reality that I am now officially a journalist is still buffering and processing in my mind. Now, I am ready to prove others or even myself that I deserve to be entitled as a journalist. I am ready to be a journalist in 3.2.1. [ aspiringjournalist ]

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Whatever. I’m getting cheese fries.
Bitter pa din ako. Why oh why? Ang tagal na nun. :<

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Sometimes it’s better to be alone. Nobody can hurt you.
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